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Welcome to a celebration of God’s rugged wilderness - the Adirondacks. My name is Kevin MudRat MacKenzie and this site is dedicated to backcountry explorations during all seasons - mountaineering which encompasses slide climbs, technical rock/ice and bushwhacks.

Many notable trips make up the whole of my journey, a journey that started by hiking the forty-six highest peak of New York.  Duration, mileage, routes, terrain, adverse weather conditions and the like define some trips as particularly intense.  My trail-name emerged during one such hike in August of 2004 when friend, Rich McKenna, and I embarked on a dayhike of Seymour, Seward, Donaldson & Emmons. We chose a short weather window between the remnants of Tropical Storm Bonnie and the oncoming remnants of Hurricane Charley.  We trudged on for sixteen hours through knee-deep mud.  By the day’s end under cover of darkness, a rich layer of Adirondack mud (composed of soil, water and quite possibly epoxy) covered my body.  The trail name, “MudRat”, stuck as well.

Many seasons and explorations have passed since then.  Hikes have evolved into mountaineering and climbing adventures during all seasons, with winter as my favourite. Each outing reiterates the fact that the journey, whether in the backcountry or in life, contains the most valuable memories and lessons.  The final goal, whatever it may be, is just a catalyst that compels us to motion.  Enjoy each moment, the companionship, the tranquility and the wilderness with its minutiae and vistas.  To read more about what I do click Adirondack Explorer's A Day with MudRat.

May your ambition for the goal allow you to be a student of the journey…

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