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All photos are from a series of over 20 trips between 2009 – 2016, a continuing exploration so photos will be added after each outing (87 as of February 2016). During this time we put up (added) new rock/ice climbing routes and documented new climbing areas (like the Ramp Wall and Huge Scoop). The possibilities remain seemingly endless.

Synergy: When the whole of a creation is greater than the sum of it's parts. The following friends have played a vital role during each respective outing. Without them, the explorations and this map would not have been possible. Boundless thanks to (listed in chronological order of first trip to the gorge with me):

Here's to many more outings over the next decade or so!

A full list of trips, photo sets and video may be found at under “Panther Gorge” on the “Slides & Bushwhacks” and "Technical Rock/Ice" pages at . Technical routes and other resources may be found at Mountain Project.

"The Secrets of Panther Gorge", in Adirondac Magazine (reprinted with permission).
Click here to view the location if you're not familiar with the High Peaks of NY (approximately 9 miles walk from the nearest point of access).

Many thanks to Don Mellor and Jim Lawyer for their encouragement over the years.